As the wireless demand and need for additional towers has increased, many local jurisdictions have tightened regulations related to how and where infrastructure is installed.

As local ordinances cannot preclude wireless service, common objections to infrastructure development include health, safety, property value, aesthetics, and the availability and accessibility of existing infrastructure.

As preeminent attorneys in the metropolitan area, the attorneys at Donohue & Stearns have collaborated with local jurisdictions as they have drafted or amended telecommunications ordinances.

This in-depth knowledge of both the spirit and the letter of the law enables Donohue & Stearns to quickly identify relevant issues and understand where to focus their efforts on clients behalf.

Because of Donohue & Stearns tenure in telecommunications land use in the metropolitan Washington area, we have hands-on “climbing-the-ladder” knowledge of many of the existing and potential sites in the area.

By understanding the regulations, the existing infrastructure sites, and the political climate in local jurisdictions, Donohue & Stearns can work with clients to develop successful strategies. We understand where we might be able to expect flexibility and where we will not.  Donohue & Stearns works with clients and local communities to ensure that infrastructure can be expanded, satisfying consumer demand.